Get to Know Me!

Get to Know Me!

Hello and welcome to making Colorado the home of you dreams!

I am a proud mother and significant other to two wonderful men. I have lived and studied Colorado’s culture and housing since moving to this wonderful state in 2010.

My journey began when I joined the United States Marine Corps after graduating from High School in a small town in Ohio. While in the service, I represented our finest by performing the National Anthem for such institutions as the Washington Redskins, LA Dodgers, Outback Bowl Franchise, and many more. Shortly after being honorably discharged from the USMC, I came to Colorado and began the educational path that ultimately led me to my Real Estate journey.

It is this, my passion that pushes me to my limits, wanting to spread goodness throughout this world. I knew I wanted to help in some way. To me, being a real estate agent is just that – HELPING PEOPLE! I want to be part of that amazing moment when you find the perfect home for you and yours.

While I have had many accomplishments to be proud of, becoming a real estate agent is my greatest accomplishment thus far. I strive to bring joy and pride to those seeking that perfect home and to those that want to sell their home in confidence!

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